Teatre de L'Artesà

Teatre de L’Artesà

Teatre de L’Artesà, El Prat de Llobregat, Spain2015

The proposal isolates the building and allows to have gardens on both sides of the theater, enriching the relationship between the theater public spaces and its close environment. The reduced volume permits to have a better relation with the context, to minimize the underground construction and to reduce the costs. The side access through the existing façade and the axiality of the plan are faithful to the original project of the theater. However, the new proposal foyer is open to the gardens. The horseshoe-shaped hall preserves the intimacy and shortens the distance between the audience and the stage allowing a more functional space. A series of arches enriches the addition of abstract volumes. The arches pierce the volume both to relate interior and exterior spaces and to integrate the scale of the elements.

International competition. Finalist.